[FF] No More

Title: No More Author: wufanneey Genre: (a bit) Romance Rating: G Length: Oneshot Cast(s): Yang Yoseob [BEAST] and Bae Suzy [Miss A] Summary: “Mengapa kau tak bisa melupakanku seperti orang bodoh?” Iklan

Diproteksi: [FF] An Involved Lover – Twelve

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[FF] An Involved Lover [Eight – That Singing Prince 2/2]

“An Involved Lover”   Casts: Choi Sooyoung, Oh Sehun. As tagged: Suho, Chanyeol, Suzy, Lay, Kyungsoo. G-rated. l Fluff/Romance/Comedy. l Chaptered. l Indonesian. Plot © wufanneey (@WayneFanneey) Characters © they belong to God and themselves.